Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry Initial Class Information

First and foremost please know that by taking our class we cannot guarantee that you will be issued a permit by either San Joaquin County Sheriff’s office, Ripon Police, or Escalon Police. Our class is accepted by those entitites, but only one of the steps needed to obtain your permit. All issuing authorities have the ultimate say on whether you will get a permit or not since we live in a “may issue” state.

  • Prerequisites: Students must know how to safely handle and shoot their firearm(s). This is not a beginner’s course.

Here is a list of what our course covers:


  • Six gun safety rules
  • Rules for kids
  • Handgun parts
  • Gun cleaning & storage

Situational Awareness

  •  Color Codes of Mental Awareness
  • Avoidance
  • Cover and Concealment
  • Combat Mindset
  • 5 Levels of Competence

Shoot or Don’t Shoot

  • Scenario discussion:
    • Awareness
    • Don’t be a hero
    • Carry loaded
    • Head in the sand
  • Morel and Ethical Decisions
  • Problems 2 & 3 (Legal & Civil)
  • After the Shot

Top 10 Mistakes CCW Holders Make

Weapons Qualification

Cost: $175